License# CRC1332569
Brad Smith, Owner

Next Generation Homes LLC:

15173 Centralia Street, Brooksville, FL 34614

Message from Brad Smith, Owner of Next Generation Homes

I have been in the construction industry my entire adult life. I got my start framing houses and after a short time was put in charge of my own crew.  After several years of framing, I went to work  as a superintendent for a well know home builder in Florida. After the housing industry crash in 2008, I went to work for Pre-stress Systems of Florida where we built slab-on-grade foundations and hi-rise structures throughout Florida.

Eventually I went to work for a large refrigeration installation and service company where I managed multiple projects at a time.  I worked in this industry for over 10 years as field superintendent.

 I have been in many different types of construction over the years, and this has helped me to fine tune my problem solving skills. This is what makes a solid contractor, and one of the many reasons to choose Next Generation Homes LLC.

About the first generation builder: Brad’s father, Leon Smith, Owner of Leon Smith Construction

My name is Leon Smith, I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida and I have lived and worked in Hernando County for 30 years.  I have been in the construction field for over 45 years.  15 years ago my wife and I decided to branch out into residential contracting, and since then we have managed our own slab crews, block crews, framing crews and drywall crews.  If it has to do with residential construction, we have done it. We enjoy working with people to create the home of their dreams. Please click on our site below!